The Inner Gym, book jacket design
The Vagina Monologues, poster design
Black Fuel Trading Co., apparel graphics
BIG TALK, playing card design
Design is One, editorial brochure design
Mr Walter Little, brand & website design
Plant Ground Bloom, branding & website design
Life Lab: The Art of Being a Woman, brand design
The Daily Love, book jacket design
The Jar Restaurant, branding design
Alexey Brodovitch Event, poster design
Bembo, font specimen design
The Hippie Chocolate Co., brand design
The Brain Fitness @UCLA, brand & website design
Ghost, movie poster design
Tax & Business Consulting Group, brand & website design
Monkey Sport Apparel, apparel graphics
Fresh Organic Bar, brand design
Whole Life Balance w/Drip IV, brand & collateral design
We Fell in Love, graphic
Nice Girl, Graphic Design
Crazy Excited, poster design